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Pre-Order This Immeasurable Place:
Food and Farming from the Edge of Wilderness

With This Immeasurable Place, you can expect everything you loved about our first book, With a Measure of Grace: gorgeous recipes and photos, thoughtful and funny stories from the kitchen, and tales of some unique challenges and joys that come from running a restaurant in a tiny, remote community. You’ll read profiles of people who support and inspire us, such as our farmers, our wonderful volunteers, and our eclectic staff (including kids who grew up working in our kitchen and are now adults with kids of their own working in our kitchen, which does not make us feel old, nope, not one bit). We’ll include stories of local ranchers and community friends, and yes, of course, our awesome animal cohorts (chickens and goats and cats, oh my!) But we also have much more to tell this time around, and we’re thrilled to be sharing it with you. In the eleven years since we published With a Measure of Grace, we’ve grown tremendously, and a lot has changed. With This Immeasurable Place, we’ll focus largely on our farm and farmers, what it means to live and work at the edge of vast wilderness, and our evolving food philosophy.