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We regularly host weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and family reunions, with careful planning and coordination going into each event, large or small.

Click here if you’re looking to join us for our Thanksgiving feast.

For large events such as weddings or family reunions, contact us and we will work with you to plan the details, logistics, and menus for your upcoming celebration. Count on us to make sure your party in the most remote town in the west is a beautiful and seamless affair, personalized and perfect. 

Our restaurant, lawn and the common room at the Boulder Mountain Lodge are available for booking year-round and can accommodate from 25 to 150 guests for any wedding, family reunion, birthday party, anniversary party or your milestone event.

For birthdays or another special occasions, we offer a variety of specially-baked cakes or cupcakes depending on your party size.

Click here to see the available options or to order a cake for your event.

There is a $25 'cakeage' fee to bring your own dessert while dining at HBG.