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Our Cookbooks







It’s not easy to make a book from scratch, but our passion for sharing the immense love that we have for our food and our home demands it! That’s why we’ve written, designed and published two award-winning cookbooks from our tiny town, using local photographers and designers. We even ship our books ourselves from one of the last remaining one-room post offices.

Our first cookbook, With a Measure of Grace, tells the improbable story of a women-owned, Buddhist-based restaurant becoming a community anchor in a small Mormon town. Within the book's 176 beautiful, color-photographed pages, Blake and Jen team up with Lavinia Spalding to tell the story of how they went through struggles and successes, turning from backcountry caterers and professional river chefs to being the co-owners of Hell's Backbone Grill. It’s our origin story and contains delicious recipes like our Lemon Chiffon Cake and Cowgirl Meatloaf. We’re finishing a full redesign and reprinting currently!

When Blake and Jen began work on our second cookbook, This Immeasurable Place, they called it “a love letter to the monument.” They had no idea that by the time their book came out, that same monument would be under threat by the government. In 2017, President Trump announced plans to shrink the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument to half its original size and open it up to extractive mining. We hope the new book brings more people to the monument—and more awareness to the cause.

Now in its third printing, This Immeasurable Place is 288 pages of delicious recipes, beautiful photographs by our dear friend and award-winning photographer Ace Kvale, and stories of an extraordinary place and its people. Named one of the best books of 2017 on NPR's On Point, we’re deep into our second printing and already planning a third. Words can’t express our gratitude for our friends and supporters!

"Blake Spalding and Jen Castle are alchemists, truly changing the world through their hands, their hearts, their farm, their food. In community, everything is possible.Theirs is a leadership of love." -- Terry Tempest Williams, author of "The Hour of Land."

“Blake Spalding and Jen Castle pioneered farm-to-table cooking, creating the Rocky Mountain West’s first women-chef-owned restaurant with full-scale farm. The authors lay out the seasons of the restaurant with humor, gentleness, and joy, but underpin it with their steely, unflinching resolve. Buy this as a cookbook and a keepsake of the truly immeasurable spirit of this community and the land.” -- Cheryl Alters Jamison, four-time James Beard award winner and author of eighteen cookbooks

“The inspirational story of a remote but remarkable restaurant that you’ll need to put on your life’s fine-dining list.” -- Tim Cahill, Outside magazine editor at large and author of nine books including Hold the Enlightenment

“The wisdom found in the pages of this beautiful and surprising book is immeasurable. It’s wisdom from the edge, from one of the most glorious hidden kitchens there is. The story of Blake and Jen, true kitchen sisters — their cooking, friendship, and farming--is expansive and illuminating. Land, food, family, stewardship, and spirit all course through these tempting, gorgeous pages. A book that feeds us on so many levels.” -- Davia Nelson, NPR’s Kitchen Sisters