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Work with us





We: are a beautiful & busy restaurant in a stunning location with a fully-booked dining room, an awesome organic farm and a team of 40+ amazing people.

You: have mad skills, stamina and experience in the restaurant or outdoor guiding industries.

We: are a values-driven business rooted in sustainability, offering education and opportunity in a meaningful, heart-felt hard-core work environment.

You: exhibit joyous enthusiasm, character, integrity, humor, self-reliance, extreme competence, a love of salt and butter, a lack of addictions, and lots of human goodness.

Experience is preferred but a passion for taking care of people and an attention to detail are most important. We care about making things nice and creating great experiences for our guests on a daily basis. We’re looking for kindhearted, self-reliant, enthusiastic, strong, gentle, well-mannered, engaged souls who want to lean in, learn and contribute.

Before applying you should be familiar with our town, our mission and our cookbook. You should know: it’s beautiful, but this isn’t the easiest place to live or work! Important to note:

  • We are not a vegetarian restaurant, though we are a deeply intentional business with extremely serious food values. You MUST be an omnivore, able to taste, enjoy and talk in an informed way about the food we serve.

  • Boulder is extremely remote. The nearest hospital, big box stores, and other helpful modern conveniences are two hours away. This means you must have your own transportation.

  • Housing is hard to come by in Boulder. We currently have rooms available for rent in our beautiful eight bedroom staff house. We offer free wifi and laundry, plus a garden plot. Please let us know you need a room when you apply! Volunteers camp on the grounds of the farm, with kitchen and bathroom facilities located nearby.

  • Volunteers must commit to a minimum stay of 2 weeks.